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Eco-friendly Football sports bottle, football water bottle-Tesco sports bottle supplier

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  • Material:             PP
  • Volume:              500ML
  • Certification:     CE,EU,CIQ,EEC,FDA,SGS
  • Supply Ability:   300,000 Piece/Pieces per Month for Cycling Water Bottle
Product Details and Video


Eco-friendly Football sports bottle, football water bottle-Tesco sports bottle supplier 

Bottles are made of lightweight, durable plastic. BPA free.Which is soft and easy for squeeze.Only by pulling the spout and squeeze,then you can enjoy the fresh water.The silicone ring keep from water leaking.

Product Parameters 
 100 PCS 
                                 Carton Size 
Item number   YD520

Product Picture Show

1.White resistance good, most of the drinking glasses after a period of time, you will find that, at the bottom of the wear resistance of the cup will gradually become white.Or bottle, etc.This is also a manifestation of chemical and PCTG glass material, has excellent chemical resistance, can keep young.Always consistent.
2.The company Germany import PCTG cup with 100% of raw materials.
3.Strongly recommended the company sports bottle series.Is the company carefully developed, work materials are imported from Germany.
4. PCTG has more excellent chemical corrosion resistance, high transparency about between 92% ~ 96%.The PC material is between 88% ~ 88%.Theory of beautiful and transparent, PCTG has better transparency, makes the glass looks like glass connect fully, clear.
5.PCTG has stronger ability to resist shock, PCTG modified material is PC.PC in machining process, easily because of internal stress deformation and rupture.PCTG by reducing the modified copolyester glycol, thereby greatly reducing the stress between the molecules.To obtain a better surface hardness and impact resistant ability, is a great option for camping.
6.PCTG high temperature increase significantly, before each customer buy glass is our customer service, if the customer service suggest you don't put boiling water, it is best not to put boiling water, etc.His material is PC material, etc.Because the PC material heat resistance at 95 degrees.And PCtg greatly improved high and low temperature resistance, low - 40 ° to 130 - degree heat.PC can do water requirements.

1.Transparent, leak-proof.
2.High quality, final factory price
3. No poison, no smell, easy to carry
4. Color and logo can be option to print outside according to your demands
5.Food grade plastic
6.100%BPA free
7.Simple design carbon filter
8. Reliably Sealing,don't slack

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