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Shapely and Durable Football-shaped Shaker Bottle of Xinyuetang

2016-10-25 11:14:41      View:
    Many kids have a football dream when they was young. They dreamed that one day they can become a super football star in the future, just as Bailey, Maradona, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi etc. Though the probability of realizing dream is low, the football dream has been supported the children to run, to fight. Not only dose it build their strong body, but also exercise their minds to fight against difficulties and never give up.

    If someday our children realize that the football dream is unreachable, indulging in electronic products and not keen on exercise any more, The less optimistic and cheerful smile on their face little by little.

    How to arouse the children's sports talent and enthusiast.

    Giving a beautiful, innovative football-shaped shake bottle to your children as a present. It will be the most simple, the most useful, the best way.

    PP bottle body and HDPE bottle lid. Safe, Healthy, High Temperature Resistance and Dishwasher Safe.

    Soccer-like bottle bottom is full of football field style, which is welcomed by lots of soccer fans and adolescents.

    There is a small cup tightened under the bottom covers the soccer, which balances the bottle and used as teacup as well.

    Matte and frosted surface of bottle body is similar to the human skin. It has remarkable and marvelous hand feeling.

    The cap on the lid keeps the nozzle clean all the time. It is not only appealing to overnice guys and neat freaks, but also convenient to use for sportsmen with one hand during exercise.

    The tight screw thread dispenses with sealing ring. It has well anti-leakage performance and avoids the risk of dirt, bacterial and the loss of sealing ring.

    Hourglass-shaped stirred spring. Under the circumstance of shaking and stirring, the protein powder dissolve more quickly and fully, so that you can enjoy the silky smooth of protein drink.

    The protein drink is blended too quickly just like tornado.

    Xinyuetang football-shaped shaker bottle want to tell you: Your thoughts,  we know. Your anxiety, we share. Your expectations, we help you realize it.