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A Friendly Basketball Match between Shenzhen Smile and Shenzhen Baiila in Golden Autumn

2016-11-12 16:34:31      View:

    In early November of Shenzhen Guangdong China, it is a pleasant season with beautiful autumn sceneries. At the nightfall of 5 November, Shenzhen Smile Earth Holdings Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Baiila Science and Technology Co., Ltd held a friendly basketball game. The two teams played a intensive game - the lead changed hands frequently and neither could get the upper hand. The result was still the same as you know - Smile Earth beat Baiila by 77:69.

    The two teams dispatched more than forty people to participate the game, that included players and cheerleaders. The Smile Earth dispatched 11 players included the chairman – Huang Lihua and some cheerleaders. (Some players and cheerleaders were absent for some reasons) The Baiila dispatched a huge players and cheerleaders team this time. However, Many hands not always make light work, but the concentration is the essence frequently. Although the process of the game was intense, there was no doubt in the end as usual - Smile Earth beat Baiila.

    This game, Paco, a player from Smile Earth won the MVP and scoring champion. The vigorous man has a God-given talent, strong muscles and bones, who is a wizard of playing basketball. He has outstanding ability of jumping and judgement, so he is good at rebound and block. Furthermore, he has an excellent scoring ability. All of these mentioned make him be like the top star of pelican - Anthony Davis. Sure, there were some similar template, such as young Chris Webber, young Tim Duncan and young Kevin Garnett etc. These retired players mentioned were super players with balanced offense-defense just like Anthony Davis now.

    Although the team’s power of Baiila is weaker than Smile Earth, they still doesn’t lose heart, and they also embodies the spirit of “Friendship first, competition second”. Such a team with optimistic spirit is worth of our respect.

    Not only does a good team need excellent players, techniques and tactics and cohesion etc, but also need an excellent opponent. It is their own external motivation for progress.

    Thank you - Baiila!