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The 2017 New Year Artistic Performance of Gushi No.2 Central Primary School Ended Successfully

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    In Dec 29, 2016, The 2017 New Year’s gala of the No.2 Central Primary School of Gushi Town, Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province come to an end successfully. This gala was sponsored together by Shenzhen Xinyuetang Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd and Foshan Obnoo Bathroom Manufacturing Co ., Ltd.

Beautiful Landscape of Gushi Town,Xiushui County,Jiangxi Province

Banner of Congratulations in Advance from the Chairman of Xinyuetang

Prepared Seats for Guests

    The theme of the 2017 New Year’s Gala of Gushi Second Primary School was” Celebrate New Year's Day, Show the elegant demeanor of the Second Primary School”.

The Kids were Taking Group Photos with Smile

    Despite the cold weather, it still can’t stop these little stars’ passionate stage dream and performance enthusiasm. The spirited children performed lively on the stage – elegant dancing, fair-sounding solo and grand chorus, vivid and humorous crosstalk and short sketch... ... With the wonderful programs one by one, all the audiences praised, cheered included elderships, teachers, leaders and classmates etc.

Before the Gala Began, the Girls were Waiting for the Strat of Gala

The Hosts Anounced that the Gala Started Now

The Little Hosts were not Inferior to Anybody Else

The Wonderful Shows Deserved Applause

At the End of the Gala, It was Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Students and Winners of the Gala

    Near the stage, their parents’ smile were filled with joy, happiness and gratification and hope. Children are the hope of families, the blossoming flowers of motherland, the future pillars of society ...... Making all the kids grow up sturdily, happily and healthily is the responsibility of every families, society and country.

    Wish all the children have a happy, carefree childhood.

Practiced Singing before the Gala

Rehearsals before the Gala