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The Shake Bottle with The Design Elements of Photo Album and Shoelace

2016-10-25 10:41:55      View:
    Album is usually used to store photos, and it is also a symbol of the precious times of the past. The shoelace is common in leisure shoes, and it is also a symbol of youth and vitality.

    The two things we mentioned are common design inspiration in our daily life. Combining the two creative elements of youth and campus into the shaker bottle, it is another original myth of Xinyuetang.

    PP bottle body and HDPE bottle lid. Durable, BPA Free, Healthy, High Temperature Resistance and Dishwasher Safe.

    The shaker bottle body has two kinds of creative inspirations: the shoelace and photo album. It is thick with recreational style and welcomed by people of all ages. At the same time, the surface of it is designed according to human engineering. It fits for our fingers to grasp and it improves our fingers’ comfortable feeling.

    Matte and frosted surface of bottle body is similar to the human skin. It has remarkable and marvelous hand feeling.

    The cap on the lid keeps the nozzle clean all the time. It is not only appealing to overnice guys and neat freaks, but also convenient to use for sportsmen with one hand during exercise.

    The tight screw thread dispenses with sealing ring. It has well anti-leakage performance and avoids the risk of dirt, bacterial and the loss of sealing ring.

    Tornado-shaped stirred spring. Under the circumstance of shaking and stirring, the protein powder dissolve more quickly and fully, so that you can enjoy the silky smooth of protein drink.

    Lock the time, Let the sensation spread. In your palm, here is a promise we made.