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A Pennant with Gratitude and Love

2016-11-2 17:04:51      View:

    The golden autumn is a harvest season, which is also a indebted season. In the sunny morning of October 29, 2016, Liao Rongqiang took his child – Liao Jinhe to Shenzhen Smile Earth Holding Co., Ltd. The 5-years-old boy who has recovered from scald last year. The father and son sent an indebted pennant to express gratitude to all the caring people of Smile Earth.

    Xinyuetang Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Shenzhen Smile Earth Holding Co., Ltd. In July 18, 2015, The manager of Xinyuetang – Chen, his nephew – three and half years old Liao Jinhe, accidentally fell into a scalding oil basin, which his grandmother had just boiled out. The kid was 70% severely scald, the initial cost of treatment was about tens of thousands each day. Fortunately, the boy survived the shock period, get through the serious infection period, live through the painful and long rehabilitation process.

    All staffs of Shenzhen Smile Earth Holding Co., Ltd. all staff held a fund-raising activity first time, and quickly sent the donations to his parents. It’s still a drop in the ocean to face the later expensive treatment costs. After reported by the primary scene of Shenzhen TV, there were a lot of loving people lent a helping hand to the miserable boy.

    Great love is boundless, Good deeds remain forever. Not only dose the little pennant tell the father and son's gratitude, but also affirm the gratitude corporate culture of Smile Earth. Boy, the life is long, You must live well, happily.

    Thank you with a grateful heart. It accompanies me through my whole life, so I have the courage to be myself. Every time we heard the song " Indebted heart" – The Chinese name is《感恩的心》, we always have many things to say. Gratitude is not only means being inclined to goodness or charity, doing good works, but also makes the world and others better. Grateful heart will make us have a more healthy mind and body.