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The Birth of Multi-Use Double-Wall Break-Resistant Bottle

2017-2-20 9:23:45      View:

   Now, as the market competition is more and more intense, the consumers’ selection criteria are more and more stringent. If wanting to survive and develop in the bloody market battle, it needs to pay a lot of great efforts. Focusing on product innovation is the only way which must be passed for a manufacturing enterprises in market competition.

    The world has no lack of beauty, but the eyes of discovering beauty.

    Creativity always comes from life and serves for life! Nevertheless, trifles usually blindfolds our eyes, but it can’t blindfold Xinyeutang chief designer - Wang Chunlei’s eyes. The birth story of XYT Multi-Use Double-Wall Break-Resistant Bottle was from his lives.

    It often said that children are the sweet burden of parents, Designer Wang has four sweet burdens at home. When the weather was fine, he often takes his kids out of home for hiking, excursion and picnic. For these outdoor activities, each one equips with a portable water bottle is standard and essential! But his kids have a series of standards: either being picky about the small capacity or being worried for containing hot water, either complaining it’s not insulated or grumbling it’s not Break-resistant, either disliking the design style or complaining it’s not four seasons general. As the saying goes: A tiger has no dog son! A father with high standards also has kids with high standards – Facing these sweet burdens, what the good-tempered father can do is unceasing buying!

    Once on a hiking, it occurred to Wang that as a design, if all the requests the kids required could be brought into a bottle together, I will fundamentally solve all of the above problems! Not only dose it offer our kids high-quality, versatile, popular portable bottles, but also reduce countless families’s repeat purchase of water bottle. It kills two birds with one stone! For Wang Chunlei, that night was a sleepless night that brainstorming has been churning, echoing in his brain.

    The next day, Designer Wang came to office urgently and discuss constructively with other designers included Papoose - a foreign designer with dual Citizenships of USA and Italy. Through the in-depth and constructive discussion, they determined final design plan. So this high-quality, excellent creative new products: Multi-Use Double-Wall Insulated Bottle was born.

    In the interview, Designer Wang tells us that life never lacks of creative, but most people always lack the eyes to dig inspiration and persistent heart.

    From the daily subtle, Insist a freedom and open-minded philosophy of life with a tranquil heart, Open five senses to observe the natural changes in the feelings of light, sound and breath. After immersing in the design, the products will be more genial, lovable and resonatory.

    Do not change as influence of the outside world and not annoy to please others. Do pay out stilly and joyfully, focus on the original point, line, surface, so that the designers of Xinyuetang can always insist essential wisdom of originality and ingenuity for pursuit.