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Warmly Celebrate that Xinyuetang Obtained the Certificate of National High-tech Enterprises

2016-11-22 17:09:44      View:

    Since established in 2009, Shenzhen Xinyuetang Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd have pulled through countless difficulties and gained many honors. In November 15, 2016, it was a fine day. Shenzhen Xinyuetang obtained the certificate of national high - tech enterprises.

    The main products of Xinyuetang that obtained the certificate were softwares and sports bottles. Xinyuetang rely on its powerful software development & innovation capability, large-scale production procedure innovation & improvement, new technologies research & development, the introduction of new materials etc. It was a significant milestone in the growth and development of Xinyuetang.

    How to define High-tech enterprise?

    The High-tech enterprises must constantly do uninterrupted researching, development and technological achievement transformation, form core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises in the high-tech fields supported by the state, and carry out production and business activities on the basis of these registered more than one year of resident enterprises in China(excluding Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan region).

    What preferential measures will get when Obtaining national high-tech enterprise certificate.

    1: Enjoy preferential policies of tax breaks.

    2: Easier to get the support of national scientific research funds and fiscal appropriation.

    3: It’s a signboard of national qualification certification.

    4: Improving the enterprise brand image.

    5: Promote the transformation of enterprise technology. 

    6: Improving the market value of the enterprise.

    7: Improve the capital value of the enterprise.

    It is not only a huge affirmation and praise for the people’s hard work and silent effort of Xinyuetang in these years, but also a clear and bright future blueprint of Xinyuetang. In the future, there were full of hope, opportunities and challenges for everyone. Thank you for your dedication-lovely every one of Xinyuetang.