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The Strong Man Shaped Shaker Bottle

2016-9-30 10:20:54      View:
    When referring to creativity, what do you think of it? Creativity is the rebellion of tradition, it is the philosophy of breaking the routine, it is the cycle of creation and destruction, it is the collision of thought and the docking of wisdom, it is the novelty and creative idea, it is different solution from ordinary. Applying a creative idea to the product will re-empower imagination and vitality to the products.

    Now, let me show you the Robust bodybuilder-shaped shaker bottle

    High quality and Food grade material - PP bottle body and HDPE bottle lid. Safe, Healthy, Durable, Sturdy and High Temperature Resistance and Dishwasher Safe.

    Creative and Imaginative Design: Robust bodybuilder-shaped bottle body Strong muscles, Forceful shoulder and back, Manful stature curve. All of these are an inspirational sample for men and a sculpture of prince charming for women. Look, isn’t it attractive to you, right?

    Fine hand feeling - Matte and frosted surface of bottle body is similar to the human skin. It has remarkable and marvelous hand feeling.

    Convenient to use - The cap on the lid keeps the nozzle clean all the time. It is not only appealing to overnice guys and neat freaks, but also convenient to use for sportsmen with one hand during exercise.

    Simple and useful design - The tight screw thread dispenses with sealing ring. It has well anti-leakage performance and avoids the risk of dirt and bacterial. You don’t have to worry about the loss of sealing ring.

    Pleasing to eyes stirred ball of stainless steel: Tornado-shaped stirred spring. Under the circumstance of shaking and stirring, the protein powder dissolve more quickly and fully, so that you can enjoy the silky smooth of protein drink.

    The protein drink is blended too quickly just like tornado. Uh-huh, at this moment, do you remind the song – Tornado from Jay Chou?